Yes! We are Telling You to Eat More Chocolate

Incredible though it may seem, chocolate could be good for your teeth according to recent studies from the US, England and Japan. These studies have found that dark chocolate can help fight dental plaque and cavities and that compounds in chocolate could be even more effective at fighting tooth decay than fluoride.

The cocoa bean husk contains a compound called CBH that has an antibacterial effect, helping to fight plaque. It’s even predicted that one day the compound will be included in toothpaste and mouthwash. The compound is a white crystalline powder that is similar chemically to caffeine. It helps to harden tooth enamel, decreasing the risk of tooth decay. Currently the compound has been tested safely on animals, but it will be several years before it is approved for humans and is available for sale.

Until then, you can gain the benefits of this compound by chewing on cacao nibs, but these tend to be somewhat unpalatable. Another way you can gain these benefits is by eating a little dark chocolate every day, or even better by choosing raw chocolate where more of the antioxidants are left intact. So, although we are telling you to eat more chocolate, it’s only a specific kind and in limited quantities!