Wisdom Teeth & Tooth Extractions

We always try very hard to save natural teeth. However, sometimes we don’t have any choice other than to extract a tooth.

Quite often, we need to remove wisdom teeth that cannot properly erupt, because they try to come through in a jaw that is too small or already overcrowded. When wisdom teeth cannot erupt properly there is a risk they will damage your existing teeth and the gum around them can become infected and painful. Removing these wisdom teeth will help you feel more comfortable. Other times, we may need to remove adult teeth that have become severely infected and which cannot be saved. Teeth that have been damaged by trauma may also sometimes be beyond repair.

If you do need a tooth removed, then we will go out of our way to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible, using plenty of anaesthesia to prevent any pain. When we need to remove any tooth other than a wisdom tooth, we will also discuss how best to replace it. Replacing missing teeth helps to protect your dental health, so it is crucial. If you lose a tooth right in your smile line, then we can talk about a temporary replacement to avoid any embarrassment. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you without a smile!