Why We Love Our Mums – Why is Dental Care for Mum and Bub so Important?

Did you realise that during pregnancy your oral health can suffer? It is critical to look after your dental health and your baby’s dental health right from the start. Most importantly, make sure you come and see us during your pregnancy.

While you are pregnant, it is perfectly safe to receive routine dental treatment. Please don’t worry, as we will make sure any treatments prescribed will not harm your baby. We can check the condition of your teeth and gums and will custom design a treatment plan to ensure they remain strong and healthy during your pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the hormonal changes can affect your dental health. You may notice your gums look red and swollen or have begun to bleed. This is a condition called pregnancy gingivitis, as hormonal changes cause your gums to become more sensitive to plaque bacteria. We can help you by monitoring your dental health more closely, and if necessary, by providing more frequent dental cleanings. We can also offer advice on how to care for your teeth at home. If you have morning sickness, ask us for information on how to cope as exposing your teeth to strong stomach acid can erode tooth enamel.