When Is Sugar Hour?

When you eat something sugary, it increases your risk of tooth decay because bacteria in your mouth convert these sugars into acids that cause dental erosion. The more frequently you snack on sugary foods, the greater the damage to your teeth. Many processed foods contain high amounts of sugars, so it is worth reading the labels. Naturally acidic foods will also dissolve tooth enamel. If you do want to eat something sugary, choose your time carefully.

When to Eat Sugary Foods?

It wouldn’t be reasonable to expect you never to eat sweet treats, but your timing can make all the difference. Generally, it is better for teeth if you stick to three main meals rather than snacking frequently. If you do need a snack in between meals, then choose foods carefully. While fruit is acidic, it’s usually only damaging to teeth if you eat it in large amounts, but it’s best not to have dried fruit because it is high in sugar. Good snacks include cheese, nuts and raw vegetables.

When you do have something sweet, confine it to “sugar hour” and plan to have it as part of your main meal. After you have finished eating, rinse your mouth with plain water which will help reduce acidity levels more quickly.