What to Do in Dental Emergencies

Dental injuries can happen at any age but knowing what to do is crucial and especially if you knock out a tooth.

Baby Teeth

If a child knocks out a baby tooth, don’t attempt to reinsert it because it could damage the adult tooth underneath. You must take the child to see a dentist immediately and take the tooth with you as the dentist will need to ensure the entire tooth is knocked out. Not sure if it is a baby tooth? Store it in milk or saliva and bring it with you.

Adult Teeth

When an adult tooth is knocked out, quickly retrieve the tooth, picking it up by the crown. If needed, rinse the tooth with milk or tap water and try to gently reinsert it, ensuring it faces the right way around. Gently bite down on a clean tissue or keep the tooth in place with a finger and see a dentist immediately. If you can’t reinsert the tooth, store it in milk or saliva, but not water and see a dentist immediately.

You must see a dentist after any dental injury, even if there is no visible damage or only a small chip to the tooth. Don’t assume everything is okay.