What Is World Oral Health Day and What Does It Mean to You?

You may not realise it, but we celebrate World Oral Health Day every March. It’s a time when our dental team think about ways we can inspire our patients to take better care of their dental health. We are all passionate about preventative dentistry as we know it’s the best way to ensure your teeth remain healthy and strong and always look their best. It’s also an approach that can save a great deal of heartache in the future, reducing the need for costly restorative treatments. We now know that a healthy mouth helps you maintain a healthy body more easily, protecting you against many serious health problems that include heart disease, respiratory illnesses, dementia, and diabetes.

If you think your oral health could do with some improvement or are overdue for a checkup, make it your mission this March to come and see us. We can gently examine your teeth and gums and can talk to you about how best to maintain optimal dental health year-round. Often, even small tweaks to your dental routine can make a tremendous difference such as cutting down on sugary treats and brushing your teeth regularly, even when you are tired at the end of a long day.