Top Dental Care Tips For Kids

How you look after your children’s teeth in the early years will largely determine their future Dental health. They won’t be able to brush their teeth until they are older so it will be your responsibility to brush them. At SmileXcellence Richmond NSW we can provide tips and check your child’s teeth to catch any problems early on. Here are our top Dental Care tips for kids.

Richmond Children Should use Fluoride Toothpaste from the Start

Dental care starts from day one and you can use a flannel to softly clean the gums. As soon as their first tooth erupts you can use an age appropriate toothbrush every day to establish a ‘Dental care’ routine. Using toothpaste that contains fluoride helps prevent tooth decay. They won’t be able to clean their teeth properly until at least the age of six so you will have to do this for them. Our Kids Dentists at SmileXcellence can advise you on correct technique to make sure their Dental care routine is effective. Circular motions are better than brushing back and forth. For a full set of teeth, you should be brushing for 1-2 minutes to ensure they are clean.

Regular Dentist Visits Should Start Early

By the time your child turns one they should have had their first dental visit. This establishes good Dental habits from the beginning and a thorough oral exam will help detect any issues. Our experienced DENTISTS will be able to advise how often your child should visit to maintain optimum Dental health. Seeing a “Dentist” earlier rather than later can lower your Dental costs and prevent more invasive treatment.

Make Flossing Part of Your Child’s Dental Routine

Flossing isn’t just for adults and as soon as your child’s teeth are touching you should introduce flossing. No matter how well you brush their teeth, food or plaque could remain between the teeth. It can be tricky getting your child on board, however, explain the importance and try making it a game so that you can floss their teeth. Use stickers to motivate them and help establish a great Dental care regime. It’s important to do this properly and pull the floss against each side of the teeth. We can recommend how to floss your child’s teeth and check if they are free from plaque.

Taking care of your child’s teeth is important from the beginning. Establishing good brushing and flossing techniques are essential. Regular Dental visits go a long way to maintaining good Dental health. Here at SmileXcellence Richmond NSW we believe in establishing good Dental habits early on and can teach correct techniques and check your child’s teeth in Richmond. Also, we are located in Richmond, NSW but we service customers coming to us from Hobarville. Call us at (02) 4505 1223.