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Tooth Extraction

Tooth-ExtractionOops. The ultimate dread that anyone could have. There could be several reasons why you are browsing this page. Well, there is only one reason and that is you need to have tooth extracted, but there could be several reasons behind why you need tooth extraction.

While teeth are supposed to last us for a lifetime, they don’t often do that. Commonly, patients visit our expert Dentists at Smilexcellence for tooth extraction if a certain tooth has decayed or badly damaged. It could be a simple infection that wasn’t properly or timely treated, or it could be an accident, which damaged a tooth beyond repair.

No matter what the reason may be, you are at the right place. Smilexcellence is renowned in Richmond for pain-free and patient-focused Dental treatments. You can talk to us at (02) 4505 1223 or 0424 966 544 for an appointment and get expert advice.

Sometimes, the case is not as simple as a broken tooth or an infected tooth. Patients may also require Tooth Extraction when they are going for teeth alignment procedures and need to have one or two teeth removed. This happens when your teeth are bigger than your jaw can properly accommodate leading to crooked or misaligned teeth. In some cases, an extra tooth cannot break through the gum and needs to be pulled out.


No matter what the reason, your Dentist at Smilexcellence at Richmond will be able to perform the super easy procedure of Tooth Extraction. Remember that while we are calling the procedure “super easy,” it needs to be performed by an expert and qualified doctor. Dentists with special training to perform surgery or oral surgeons are the only one you should go to for Tooth Extraction. Usually called “tooth pulling,” the procedure may sound as simple as going in and pulling out the troubling tooth, however, the poor guy is connected to blood vessels that will hurt a lot if the tooth isn’t extracted by a qualified Dentist. Your dentist will also administer sedation to numb the area around your tooth that has to be removed to prevent pain.

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Make sure that you only contact the qualified and certified Dentists in Richmond for Tooth Extraction. If your tooth is damaged or if you believe you need Tooth Extraction for any other reason, contact Smilexcellence at (02) 4505 1223 or 0424 966 544 to ensure that the procedure doesn’t lead to any other complications. Book your appointment today and experience Dentistry like never before.