This September, Why Not Get a Bright and Beautiful Smile?

Did you know 65% of Australians haven’t seen a dentist during the past two years? It is a statistic we’d love to see change. This month is an excellent chance to book a check-up if you are overdue. Keeping up with your regular check-ups is easy and cost-effective because we can detect and treat any dental problems that much sooner, often before they cause discomfort.

Regular hygiene appointments keep your smile at its sparkling best, but if it could do with a boost, why not whiten it? The ideal time to whiten is after your check-up and hygiene appointment because we must assess your teeth to ensure a whitening treatment is appropriate.

Whiten Your Smile Safely and Effectively

We have two fantastic options to choose from, which include in-office whitening and a custom home whitening kit. An in-office whitening treatment brightens your smile in a single treatment. A home whitening kit must be used for approximately two weeks, and you can wear the comfortable whitening trays for a few hours each day or overnight. The choice is yours!

Smilexcellence uses Zoom Tooth Whitening system because it provides such excellent results. These are high-strength whitening products only available to dentists.