The Importance of a Dental Hygienist – Meet Gulbeer Kaur

Gulbeer Kaur recently joined us as a dental hygienist here at Smilexecellence and has quickly become a valued member of our team. She holds a Bachelors degree in Dentistry from Sri Guru Ram Das Dental College. Since moving to Australia in 2007, Gulbeer has completed her Advanced Diploma in Dental Hygiene and has years of experience helping patients. Like everyone here, she regularly updates her knowledge with continuous professional development courses. Gulbeer loves to help people, is especially interested in treating gum problems, and is passionate about good oral health, believing everyone deserves a great smile. She is friendly, easy to chat to, is particularly good at putting patients at ease and has lots of experience working with kids.

Why See a Dental Hygienist?

We thoroughly recommend regular dental hygiene appointments as part of your preventative dental care plan. Good dental hygiene is crucial for good oral health and helps to protect your general health. When you see Gulbeer, she can meticulously clean your teeth, helping to improve gum health, but did you realise dental hygienists are firm believers in patient education? Gulbeer can identify areas of your mouth that need a little extra care and can review your brushing and flossing routine, showing you new techniques that are easy, fast and effective. She can answer any questions about dental health and will work with you to help you maintain optimal oral health more easily between appointments. You will gain the confidence of knowing you care for your smile properly and that it always looks its best.