Teeth for Toddlers – Alphabet Teeth Cleaning Activities for Kids

Preschoolers love to learn new things, so this is a fun activity that will get them thinking about the importance of looking after their teeth, all while learning their alphabet.
1.Find a simple cartoon drawing of a mouth on the internet and which has big white teeth. Print out the drawing and laminate it.
2.Search for letter cards online, and you can find tooth-oriented cartoon letters! Print out the letters and laminate them. You don’t have to do this step, but it does make the activity more enjoyable.
3.Use a dry-erase marker to write letters on the teeth. Your toddler can call out the letters on the teeth and can erase each letter as they say it. Alternatively, they can find the correct letter card before cleaning the tooth. The game continues until all the teeth are clean, shiny and white.
You can easily create a similar game for numbers, using a large printout of a mouth and numbering the teeth. Make some pretend teeth from playdoh and roll the dice to see where to place each playdoh tooth.