The Surprising Power of a Smile


Thanks to the media, many of us have high expectations and are continually chasing after the next goal rather than simply enjoying the journey. When you feel this way it’s difficult to smile naturally. Although it’s important to plan for the future, having more stuff doesn’t equal happiness. Finding a balance between enjoying the moment and being grateful for what we have, with wanting more in the future might seem tricky. However, it can also bring about a sense of freedom.

This freedom can increase your ability to smile because you feel content and connected. We are more likely to smile when we feel at peace with ourselves and this is easier when we are less preoccupied by what we don’t have. Why not try an experiment by smiling more at people? Research has shown that even faking a smile can make us feel better. Your smile is powerful and can uplift others while allowing you just to enjoy being in the present.