Stomach Upset and Your Teeth

Did you know stomach problems can affect your dental health? If you have an upset stomach and are sick, it exposes your teeth to strong stomach acids that can gradually wear away tooth enamel, a problem known as acid erosion. Eventually, your teeth can develop cavities.

Some people have acid reflux or GERD, where stomach acids travel up into the throat and the mouth. This problem can frequently occur, particularly after a heavy meal. Repeated bouts of acid reflux can damage your teeth, especially as it often occurs during sleep. When you are asleep, your mouth produces less saliva to wash away harmful acid, and you swallow less frequently, so acids can coat your teeth for longer.

Common signs of acid erosion include increased tooth sensitivity or noticing your teeth are yellowish or discoloured. When acid erosion causes cavities, you could develop a severe tooth infection or even lose teeth. You may need restorative dental treatment such as fillings, crowns or even a root canal.

If you suffer from acid reflux or other stomach problems, see your GP for medical care. We can help by checking your teeth regularly and recommending ways to help prevent acid erosion and protect your teeth.