Sticky Sweets and Your Braces This Halloween

It is Halloween, and you almost certainly want to sink your teeth into one or two sweet treats, but if you wear braces you need to be cautious. We don’t recommend sugary foods as they provide fuel for bacteria in your mouth, helping them to produce acid that can cause tooth decay. When you wear braces, it’s often tricky to clean around every bracket and band attachment, increasing the risk of tooth decay further.

Why Sticky and Hard Sweets Are Best Avoided

While all sweets are sugary, sticky or very hard sweets are probably the worst for your dental health and especially for braces. When you bite into hard or sticky sweets, there is a risk that a bracket or band attachment will break or become loose. You will need to see your dentist and have the brace professionally mended, and this could set back your treatment unless you get it mended promptly.

Choose Softer Sweets That Melt Easily

When you do want a treat, choose softer sweets that will melt more quickly, and chocolate is a very good example. Because the chocolate melts easily, it is less likely to break your braces and is more quickly washed away by saliva. Just don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth afterwards and remember to come and see us regularly for checkups and hygiene appointments.