Six Ways to Boost Your Happiness Levels


If you’d like to feel happier then here are six simple tips on how to boost happiness levels.

  1. Get or borrow a pet, as studies suggest pet owners feel less stressed, less lonely and are more popular. Dog owners already know this because walking helps improve fitness levels and you will almost certainly strike up a conversation with other dog walkers.
  2. Fill your home with happy smells. Everyday aromas such as bread and bacon, or even fine wine can induce feelings of happiness while the smell of lavender helps increase trust.
  3. Hug someone, as touch makes us happy. Even just touching someone on the arm can transmit a pleasant feeling.
  4. Pursue a hobby through joining a group as sharing values and interests can help you feel happier. Groups can also provide valuable social support and help to increase your sense of belonging.
  5. Get up and dance as it’s a great form of exercise that increases happiness. Learning to dance can also reduce levels of stress, depression and anxiety.
  6. Embrace your inner child as children really know how to be happy but it’s an ability we often lose as adults. Join a theatre group, play with your kids/grand-children or take up arts and crafts.