Six Things You Should Know About Veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain shells cemented onto the front surface of teeth to change their shape, size or colour. They can close or reduce gaps between teeth and generally create a more perfect smile. Before you have this treatment, here are six facts you should know.

  1. Veneers take time. It usually requires several visits to assess, prepare and fit your custom made veneers to ensure you receive optimal results.
  2. Treatment is usually irreversible. Our dentist will most likely need to remove some tooth enamel to create enough room for your veneers, so it is a permanent procedure.
  3. Veneers won’t last forever. No dental restoration will last forever, and veneers are no exception. However, they can last ten years or more with the right care.
  4. High-quality veneers are not cheap. The materials used to fabricate quality veneers are expensive, and it takes skill and experience to plan, make and fit them correctly.
  5. Be prepared for some tooth sensitivity after treatment. You may find your teeth and gums initially feel more sensitive to temperature changes in the short term.
  6. Care for your veneers exactly like real teeth. Properly caring for your veneers will prolong their life.