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Simple Tips to Help You Enjoy a Healthier Spring

Everyday routines tend to take a backseat during spring, but you can use this time to improve your health by following our simple and easy tips.

Eat More Fresh Berries

Make the most of fresh berry season by having a cup of mixed berries each day. They are packed with antioxidants, reducing the risk of age-related illnesses and damage to tissues.

Get Planting

Cultivating a small garden or even a flower box or a few flowerpots can help reduce stress levels. Working with soil is grounding, relieving mental and physical stress.

Floss Regularly

You know you should be flossing every day and now is a time to start. Not sure how to floss correctly? Ask us to show you. It’s incredibly easy and quick when you know how.

Make the Most of the Great Outdoors

Take your exercise routine outside and enjoy a nature walk or hike, or get active by playing with your kids, take a cooling swim, or go cycling or rollerblading.