Smilecxcellence provides a comprehensive choice of general and cosmetic dental treatments. These are procedures carefully chosen to help protect and prolong the natural life of your teeth, enabling you to benefit from good oral health, we hope, for life. Our general dental services include:

• General consultations and check-ups
• Tooth coloured fillings
• Wisdom tooth removal
• Tooth extractions
• Dental crowns and bridges
• Root canal treatment

We know an increasing number of people are interested in improving the appearance of their smile and can provide a range of cosmetic dental treatments. These are treatments designed to enhance the appearance of your teeth while still focusing on protecting and preserving your dental health. Our cosmetic dental services include:

• Cosmetic consultations
• Affordable dental veneers
• Zoom teeth whitening

In addition, we provide a couple of more specialised treatments. These are dental implants and Invisalign.
Although we try our best to preserve natural teeth, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes teeth must be extracted due to disease or trauma. If you do lose teeth, the most modern way to replace them is with dental implants, which replaces the entire tooth artificially and provides a good long-term solution for tooth loss.

Invisalign is a very discreet removable braces system suitable for adults and some older teens. Instead of fixed metal braces, the system uses clear aligner trays that gently reposition teeth. It is a popular system worldwide that utilises computerised technologies to provide predictable treatment outcomes.
We are confident that we can provide the dental treatments you are most likely to need or desire at our comfortable, well-equipped dental practice. However, if you need treatment we cannot provide, we will refer you to a local specialist, who will be someone we know and trust to look after you.