Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment saves a severely infected, painful or damaged tooth and without it, we’d have no other choice but to remove the tooth. Afterwards, a tooth that has received root canal therapy will feel comfortable and can be fully restored, so it’s an excellent treatment for preserving a tooth. During treatment, the diseased and infected pulp of the tooth (the part right in the centre) is removed before the tooth is permanently sealed. Usually, the tooth must be protected with a crown.

Pain-Free Treatment

Root canal therapy is a treatment that has an undeservedly bad reputation as being painful, perhaps because people needing root canal treatment often have a severe toothache. In fact, root canal treatment is excellent for relieving a painful toothache and we take extensive measures to ensure you feel comfortable during this procedure. Your root canal treatment shouldn’t feel any worse than a filling because we use pain-free injections. During treatment, CO2 lasers are used to precisely remove the damaged portion of the tooth, preserving as much of your healthy tooth as possible. If you do feel nervous, then please don’t worry as we can provide intravenous sedation to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable. Some people find listening to music is helpful in calming nerves.