When Should You Take Your Child to the Dentist?

Early dental visits are essential for ensuring your little one grows up with a healthy smile. The first visit should occur soon after your child’s first birthday. It’s an excellent way for children to become accustomed to regular preventative dental care and we can provide useful and practical advice on how to care for their teeth at home.

After the first visit, we can begin to see them at six-monthly intervals for regular dental examinations and cleanings. These dental exams are crucial for monitoring the growth and development of their teeth. If any problems are developing, we can detect them much earlier and hopefully well before your child feels any discomfort. We also monitor the growth of their jaws, and if needed, we will recommend an orthodontic evaluation by age seven. Sometimes early orthodontics is helpful in guiding the growth and development of children’s facial bones and teeth and may reduce the need for treatment during their teens.

As your child grows up, we can provide various treatments such as fissure sealants to help prevent tooth decay. Our dedicated team will also begin to work directly with your child, showing them the correct way to brush and floss so they have all the knowledge needed to maintain healthy teeth for life.