Removing the Barriers to Happiness

It is our birthright to enjoy happy and fulfilled lives, but all too often our own beliefs and preconceptions help prevent true happiness.

One common belief is that happiness is not something we can control, but often it is our reaction to a situation rather than the actual situation that makes us unhappy. Another commonly held belief is that happiness is always in the future. How many of us think we will only be happy when we’ve lost weight, found our dream job or dream partner? It is a mindset called postponing happiness when in fact it is far better to be happy in the present moment.

Some people believe it’s okay and perfectly natural to be unhappy, but you only need look at children to see they are happy to live in the moment, without achievements, status or possessions. If they can be happy then why can’t we? After all, the past is gone, and the future may be beyond our control.

When our minds are trained to believe our natural state is happiness, then it’s easier to achieve this in the practical world. You don’t need any particular skills to be happy, as any barriers to joy are in your mind and within your control.