How To Prevent Crooked Teeth

There are both aesthetic and health reasons associated with crooked teeth. They can cause gum disease and contribute to speech problems. There are several practices you can put in place to help children have strong, healthy and beautiful smiles. SmileXcellence Richmond, NSW has a strong focus on oral health and should be your go-to team of General Dentist if you are based in that area. Here’s how to prevent crooked teeth.

Stop Thumb Sucking

The pressure thumb sucking has on growing ‘Gums’ can result in crooked teeth. Whether your child uses a dummy or a thumb for comfort these affect the teeth as well as the shape of the jaw. As infants, thumbs or dummies can provide great comfort as well as let you get some sleep. However, as they get older its best to wean them off sucking as it can cause a whole range of problems. Stopping thumb or dummy sucking will allow the jaw to be properly aligned without using measures to get it that way.

Focus On Dental Hygiene

From the moment they get their first baby tooth, you can establish good Dental hygiene habits and as they get older teach them how to brush regularly. If you get them used to it from an early age, it becomes second nature. Giving their teeth the best start can help them avoid a whole range of Dental problems in their lifetime. If you have any concerns about their teeth make sure you arrange an appointment with your Dentist.

Genetics Plays A Part

Unfortunately, even if you have a great Dental hygiene regime your child may still end up with crooked teeth due to genetics. If your teeth weren’t straight and you experienced Dental problems, then your child could do too. However, this doesn’t mean you should forget about looking after their teeth. Good Dental hygiene can assist in preventing other Dental problems particularly those caused by crooked teeth.

Early Detection

If you monitor you child’s teeth and gums you can identify whether crooked teeth are likely. Picking this up early means you can check in with the Dentist and have them corrected as they grow. Early detection may prevent the need for Braces whereas if you leave it they will be necessary later on down the track. Things to look out for include speech difficulties, swallowing problems or a change in facial appearance. If you notice any of these, you should see your Dentist so they can take action and prevent more invasive treatment later on.

There are several ways you can prevent crooked teeth. Any thumb or dummy sucking should be stopped as soon as possible. There should be a strong foundation for Dental hygiene from an early age. Unfortunately, sometimes genetics takes over, however, maintaining good Dental health can help. Detect crooked teeth early on so that your Dentist Richmond NSW can treat it and prevent Braces later on. For all your dental health needs contact SmileXcellence in Richmond, NSW. Even if we are located in Richmond, we service customers coming to us from Winmalee also. Call us at (02) 4505 1223.