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Our Technology

Smilexcellence is equipped with cutting-edge technology used to achieve better and more comfortable treatment outcomes. Our technologies include:

Cone Beam

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is an advanced imaging system, allowing us to construct 3D images of your facial and dental structures. We can virtually /digitally peel layers off your scanned anatomy to look deeper into critical structures and tissues from different angles, this is compared with conventional x- rays that only provide a single static 2D image.

Our CBCT scanner provides our dental team with critical information about your teeth and jaws, and other important facial structures, including nerve canals, nasal and sinus cavities and some blood vessels. The scanner is similar to a conventional CT scanner, but it emits far less radiation. It can emit less radiation than a flight to Darwin exposes you to and even less radiation than our last x-ray machine.


OPG is short for Orthopantomagram and is a panoramic scanning dental X-ray of the lower and upper jaw. This radiograph is used to identify the hard tissues of the oral cavity and it allows images of multiple angles to be taken.

An OPG gives the dentist a clear picture of the number, growth, and position of all the patient’s teeth. It can for example discover wisdom teeth, orthodontic needs, and the development of a child’s jaw and teeth.