Need For Root Canal Treatment in “Richmond”

Regular visits to the Dentist can help to identify if you require Root Canal Treatment. There might not be any symptoms but this procedure can ultimately save you losing the tooth. SmileXcellence has experienced dentists who can diagnose and perform this procedure in Richmond, NSW. Here’s what you need to know about Root Canal Treatment.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

The term ‘Root Canal’ is used to describe the tooth’s natural cavity. In the Root Canal there is pulp or the pulp chamber which is the soft part. The tooth’s nerve is also located within the Root Canal. You may need Root Canal Treatment if you experience pain or sensitivity. In some cases there are no symptoms which is why it’s important to maintain regular Dentist visits. X-rays can be carried out to determine if you have any signs of decay.

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What Is Root Canal Treatment?

A Root Canal Treatment is a type of Dental procedure that can be used to repair and prevent the loss of a tooth that is rotting or has an infection. The Dentist with remove the nerve and pulp during a Root Canal process and clean and seal the inside of the tooth. Teeth are still able to function and have optimum Dental health after the removal of the nerve and pulp. The nerve’s job is simply to indicate hot or cold sensations. This is something your tooth can work well without. If this treatment is not performed the surrounding tissue will develop an infection leading to the formation of an abscess.

What Kind of Dentist Performs a Root Canal?

When you need a Root Canal you will require a specialised Dentist called an General Dentist. As part of their education, all Dentists are able to diagnose Root Canal and perform endodontic therapy. However, in some cases teeth can be particularly difficult to diagnose and treat. Therefore you may be referred to an Dentist specialist.

What Is the Cause of a Root Canal?

The within the Root Canal can be affected by a cracked tooth, trauma, multiple Dental treatments or a deep cavity. It is called a ‘Root Canal’ due to the process of the cleaning of the canals in the tooth’s root.

You may need a Root Canal if you are experiencing pain or sensitivity. This may be caused by a cracked tooth, trauma, several dental treatments or a deep cavity. Your Dentist can perform an x-ray to determine if a Root Canal Treatment is necessary. The General Dentist can clean the Root Canal to save the tooth. For routine Dental appointments or procedures such as Root Canal Treatment contact SmileXcellence for top Dentist in Richmond.

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