Middle-Aged Tooth Loss is Linked to Heart Disease

If you are unlucky enough to lose two or more teeth during middle age, then you could be risking more than your smile. The fewer teeth you have at this stage of life, the higher your risk of cardiovascular disease. A recent research study discovered that adults who lost two or more teeth had a 23% increased risk of cardiovascular disease compared to adults who had all their natural teeth. The study considered other risk factors including weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, diet and physical activity.

It’s the latest in a long line of studies to link poor dental health with poor general health. The good news is that with proper preventative dental care you can maintain good oral health. Here at Smilexcellence, we encourage everyone to have regular dental check-ups and hygiene appointments. Often tooth loss is linked to gum disease, a common problem that can easily be reversed when caught soon enough.