Many Ways To Maintain Your Oral Health

There’s more to maintaining your Oral Hygiene than simply brushing your teeth (although this helps!) Taking care of your oral health prevents a number of Dental and medical issues. Find a reputable Dentist to ensure you are doing everything you can to look after your teeth. The team at SmileXcellence are experts when it comes to Oral Health in Richmond and any surrounding suburbs. Here are the many ways you can help maintain your oral health.

Brush Your Teeth Properly

It all starts with brushing your teeth. Your Dentist can teach you the correct technique. You should be brushing twice per day to keep them clean and free from build-up. Gently brush your gum line and teeth using vertical and horizontal stroking actions. Don’t forget to also brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth. This helps remove the bacteria to prevent smelly breath.

Don’t Forget to Floss

Adding another couple of steps to your oral hygiene regime can be time consuming; however, it’s necessary to keep your mouth clean. When you floss you get rid of food particles that regular brushing fails to reach. Floss to get to those hard to reach spots.

Clean Your Tongue

Even though your mouth will be clean after brushing and flossing, it is also important to clean your tongue. This should be done on a daily basis with a tongue cleaner to omit bacteria that thrive on your tongue. It’s a good idea to get rid of these bacteria as it give you bad breath and can have a negative impact on your Dental health.

Consume the Right Stuff

Avoid juzzy drinks like Coke, Lemonade, etc. as that causes erosion and decay and makes enamel weak.

Book in with Your Dentist

Regular Dentist visit and check-ups are recommended for good oral health. Every 6 months you should make an appointment to see your General Dentist in Richmond. They will be able to detect Dental problems in their early stages before they cause you any pain. They can perform x-rays to help identify any future issues and recommend the next course of action if they find anything. If you do experience any pain you shouldn’t wait until your next appointment and get booked in straight away. They can find the cause of the problem and address it before it gets any worse. If you’re located in Richmond, NSW or any surrounding suburbs. For an example, we service customers coming to us from Castlereagh. SmileXcellence is the best choice for your regular check-ups and any Dental issues.