Letting Go of Anxiety

The numbers of people experiencing anxiety are increasing, and it’s estimated 18% of adults in Australia experience some form of anxiety, while in the United States a third of adults take some type of medication to deal with this problem.
Feeling anxious is nothing new, but we are lucky enough to live in a time where we are wealthier, and there is less war. What is different is our openness when dealing with anxiety as people are more likely to speak about their feelings. Our expectations for life have also changed as we seek more fulfilling careers and relationships.
The key to dealing with anxiety is learning to trust and doing your best with the things you can control, letting go of factors beyond your control. Learn to distinguish between needs and wants. When you work with the things you need and can control, then you can develop skills in areas where you’d like to excel or work. Taking care of your health or taking steps to overcome dental fears are factors well within your control, and we can definitely help you conquer any dental anxieties!
These are all realistic expectations that will help you to accept and let go of anxieties.