Lets talk crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is a procedure normally used to improve gum health or in preparation for restorative or cosmetic treatments, for example, if you want dental crowns or veneers. When teeth have broken below the gum line or are substantially damaged, it is difficult to place dental crowns or veneers properly, so crown lengthening helps to provide more space by exposing more of the natural tooth. We can also use crown lengthening to correct what’s called a “gummy” smile, where you expose an excess of gum tissue when you smile or talk. Crown lengthening treatment exposes more of the natural tooth, reshaping the gum tissue and sometimes recontouring the bone underneath. We can perform crown lengthening procedures on a single tooth or multiple teeth, creating a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

What is the Procedure for Crown Lengthening?

We usually do this procedure under local anaesthetic and will carefully remove the excess gum tissue, so your gums frame your teeth beautifully. Your teeth will already look longer because we have exposed more of the natural structure. It will take a while for your gums to heal, and we will give you precise instructions on how to care for them during this time.