Learn the Secrets of Having a Healthier Smile

Having a beautiful, healthy smile could be simpler than you think by following our easy tips.

See Your Dentist Frequently

Most people need to see their dentist at least twice yearly, but some will benefit from more frequent visits. It’s a preventative approach that can save your teeth, not to mention a lot of money and time.

Don’t Wait Until You Feel Pain

Unfortunately, some people will wait until they have a dental problem that causes pain before seeing the dentist. By this stage, treatment is most likely more invasive and more expensive, or worse we may not be able to save your teeth.

Dental Checkups Could Save Your Life

Gum disease, a common dental problem is associated with other serious health problems, including heart disease, and the bacteria that cause gum disease have been found in heart arteries. Seeing the dentist frequently helps to protect your overall health.

Scared of Seeing the Dentist? Change Your Dental Practice

If you are scared of seeing the dentist, you are probably visiting the wrong dental practice. Here at Smilexcellence, we are experienced in helping people overcome deep-seated dental fears and anxieties and treat every person with compassion and respect. Our gentle dental team can work with you to find suitable treatment solutions so you can enjoy a healthier smile.