Keeping Your Smile Sweet This Easter

With Easter just about upon us, the supermarkets are crammed with loads of chocolate goodies, and if you have a sweet tooth, you are probably in a bit of trouble at this time of year. While it’s nearly impossible to avoid sugary treats over Easter, moderation is an excellent starting point.

Plan Ahead When Doing Your Easter Grocery Shopping

When you’re doing your Easter grocery shopping, make sure you fill your trolley with lots of healthy foods like super fresh vegetables and tasty fruits, and your favourite dairy products. This will hopefully reduce the temptation to add biscuits, lollies and, of course, chocolates.

Decide When You’re Going to Eat Your Easter Chocolate

Make sure you limit snacking in between meals and instead enjoy them as part of your main meal. This is because whenever you eat anything very sweet, the sugars feed harmful bacteria in your mouth and which produce acids that weaken and destroy tooth enamel. It’s far less destructive to have chocolate as part of a meal rather than as a snack as it reduces the time your teeth are exposed to acid.

Once you’ve finished eating, swish your mouth with water to rinse away excess pieces of food, and this helps your saliva to neutralise the acids. Most of all, enjoy Easter as it only comes once a year, but be sure to book your regular checkup and clean with us here at SmileXellence.