International Women’s Day-The Evolution of Women in the Dental Industry-Meet Dr Yogita Khasa

We celebrate International Women’s Day in March, and this month is the ideal time to reflect on the increasing number of women within dentistry. Nowadays, more women are graduating with dental degrees and are discovering dentistry can be an extremely fulfilling career. Often, female dentists bring something different to the dental practice because they tend to be more emotionally open and can more easily empathise with patients, a quality that is ideal when helping people who may be nervous about seeing a dentist. Women dentists tend to give the impression of being less rushed and more willing to discuss their patient’s concerns and desires in a way that helps build trust with the patient. Female dentists often have a very gentle touch and smaller hands, so treatment is more comfortable. They typically prefer a preventative approach to dentistry and are more willing to refer patients to specialists, focusing on the best treatment outcome for patients.

Here at Smilexcellence, the all-female team would certainly agree that dentistry is a great career, and they are all passionate about dentistry. Principal dentist Dr Yogita Khasa leads the team. Originally from India, Dr Khasa passed the Australian Dental Council exams in 2008 and has a wealth of dental knowledge and experience that includes holding Masters degrees in Public Health and Health Services from the University of Western Sydney. Like everyone here, Dr Khasa believes good oral health should never be taken for granted, and she dedicates her career to helping others achieve optimal dental health, knowing this helps to protect their general health. While Dr Khasa is passionate about preventative dentistry, she especially loves giving people beautiful smiles and her interests include cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign, as well as dental implants and aesthetic dentistry. Dr Khasa has never regretted choosing such a satisfying career, and she and her team love nothing more when they inspire another woman to consider working in the dental industry.

Like many female dentists, Dr Khasa balances looking after a busy and thriving dental practice with an enjoyable life outside of dentistry. She sponsors the local soccer team, regularly donating to fundraisers, and loves nothing more than spending time with her kids and keeping fit.