How Winter Weather Affects Your Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is a common problem, but did you know winter weather can make it worse? Sometimes even breathing in the colder air can be painful. This is because your teeth contract when exposed to cold and which can eventually cause microfractures in your teeth, creating the same sensations you feel when eating ice cream. These tiny microfractures can expose the inner part of your tooth, just underneath your tooth enamel and which is called dentine. Dentine is actually quite porous because it consists of microscopic tubes that transmit sensations from the tooth surface to the nerve.

It’s important to discover why your tooth enamel may have become thinner and worn. Sometimes it’s due to drinking beverages that are extremely acidic and which can erode your enamel. Have you recently begun whitening your teeth? When used improperly tooth whitening agents can damage tooth enamel. Another cause of tooth sensitivity is clenching and grinding your teeth, a nocturnal habit that can cause terrific damage to your pearly whites.

Please come and visit us if you do experience tooth sensitivity. We can diagnose the cause and if needed, will provide appropriate treatment, for example, a night guard to prevent you from clenching and grinding. You don’t need to put up with the pain and discomfort!