How to Protect Your Holiday Smile

We love seeing all our patients, but we are sure you don’t want a dental emergency during the holidays so read our helpful hints on protecting your teeth this Christmas.

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Nutcrackers

Freshly shelled nuts are a healthy snack, but your teeth aren’t designed to crack hard nutshells. These can easily chip or crack teeth, or the hard shell can damage gums.

Give Chewy Treats the Cold Shoulder

Many holiday sweets are chewy, and while they might taste delicious, these sticky treats can cling to teeth for hours. They can even yank out loose fillings, so are best avoided or enjoyed very occasionally and when you can clean your teeth thoroughly soon afterwards.

Use the Proper Tools to Open Packets and Bottles

Reaching for the proper tools to open a package can seem like a lot of effort, but a visit to Smilexcellence to mend a chipped or cracked tooth is far more time-consuming!

Resist the Urge to Crunch on Ice

Crunching on ice on a hot day can seem like a brilliant idea, but hard ice cubes can crack teeth, and teeth can be pricey to mend, so leave those ice cubes to melt naturally in your cool refreshing drink.