How Drinking with a Straw Can Help Your Oral Health

Did you realise that just drinking through a straw can benefit your oral health? It is a small and simple change to your routine that could make a considerable difference, protecting your teeth in some important ways.

Drinking More Water

It might seem strange, but when people use a straw, they find they drink more water, which has a beneficial effect on oral health. Drinking more water helps to wash away loose food particles and it restores the mouth’s neutral pH level more quickly after meals. Also, you need plenty of water to create saliva, the body’s natural defence against oral disease.

Reducing Tooth Staining

If you like drinking highly coloured beverages like coffee or fizzy drinks, using a straw reduce their contact with your teeth, lowering the risk of tooth staining.

Reducing Your Risk of Cavities

Using a straw is especially beneficial when consuming sugary drinks or those that are rather acidic such as fruit juice or white wine. The less time your teeth are exposed to sugar and acid, the lower the risk of developing tooth decay. Sugary drinks feed mouth bacteria that create acid as a by-product, softening tooth enamel, while acidic drinks will automatically soften and erode your teeth.

Nowadays, you can buy some wonderful re-usable straws that protect the environment and your dental health.