How Does a Healthy Smile Equal a Healthy Heart?

Has it been a while since you last visited Smilexcellence for your checkup and hygiene appointment? We know it’s easy to delay professional dental care and especially if your teeth seem healthy. However, regularly avoiding dental checkups could put you at risk of developing gum disease, a bacterial infection that attacks your gums, making them bleed and putting you at risk of tooth loss. With advanced gum disease, bacteria in your mouth can potentially enter your bloodstream through bleeding gums, increasing your risk of serious health conditions that include heart disease.

There is significant evidence linking gum disease with heart disease and stroke and other serious health conditions, including diabetes. Unfortunately, gum disease is incredibly common and unless promptly treated it can become chronic. What’s worse is that the first symptoms of gum disease are easy to overlook which is why those regular dental checkups are so important.

When you visit us, our dentist can check your mouth for any signs of oral disease, including gum disease. Your hygiene appointment removes plaque and tartar containing disease-causing bacteria thoroughly. Often, the early symptoms of gum disease are reversible with improved oral care. If we do detect any signs of gum disease, we can talk to you about how best to improve your gum health. Regularly seeing us protects your gums and your natural teeth and may even potentially save your life.