Healthy Teeth, Happy Kids: Tips for Children’s Dental Care

We fully believe that good dental care should start early, and getting children into a regular routine is important, especially as their adult teeth start to erupt. Below are some easy dental health tips to help ensure your kid develops a beautiful, healthy smile.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste for Children Aged six and Older

Unless we recommend otherwise, use a small pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste to brush their teeth thoroughly. Ensure your child learns to spit out the excess rather than swallow it. Once they finish brushing, they shouldn’t rinse their mouth as this leaves a thin layer of fluoride coating their teeth, giving more protection against tooth decay.

Brush Twice Daily

Dental plaque continually builds up over teeth and can cause cavities unless removed. It’s essential to ensure your kid brushes their teeth at least twice a day using a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head that can reach right to the back of the mouth. Gently brush their teeth right down to the gumline using small circular motions. Children generally need help brushing their teeth until they are seven or eight. Daily flossing is also important, and children generally need help with flossing until they are ten years old and develop enough dexterity to complete this task.

Provide Water, Not Fruit Juice or Other Sweet Beverages

Tap water is always the best way for anyone to rehydrate, so ensure your child drinks plenty of plain water. They shouldn’t drink fruit juice or other sweet drinks as these contain high amounts of sugar, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Encouraging your child to eat whole fruit that contains valuable nutrients plus fibre is far better.

Limit Consumption of Sugary Foods

Everyone knows that sugary foods increase the risk of cavities, so limit your child’s consumption of biscuits, lollies, cakes and other sweet treats. When they have something sweet, give it to them as part of their main meal when the risk to dental health is reduced compared to snacking on these foods between meals.

Provide Healthy Snacks

Busy kids often need to top up their energy levels, so ensure a range of healthy snacks is available. These include sugar-free dairy products like yoghurt and cheese, both of which are excellent sources of protein and calcium. Fruits and veggies deliver important vitamins and minerals for general health and development.

Purchase a Custom-Made Mouthguard for Sporty Kids

If your child loves playing sports, especially where there is a risk of dental injury, ask us about a custom-fitted mouthguard. A custom sports mouthguard provides the very best level of protection for their teeth, gums and jaws, and most importantly, it’s comfortable to wear and neutral tasting, so they are far more likely to use it.

Finally, ensure your child comes to see us regularly for dental checkups and cleans. Regular preventive dentistry is the best way to ensure your child grows up with healthy teeth and an attractive smile and is free from dental fears and phobias.

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