Have You Been Naughty or Nice to Your Teeth? How to Maintain Oral Health This Season

During the holiday season, it can be really hard to maintain good oral health and especially when there are tons of festive treats around. However, with a bit of thought, you can look after your teeth and still enjoy the celebrations.

Focus on Tooth Friendly Treats

Instead of choosing sugary treats, look for other foods that are good for your teeth and which can be equally as indulgent. The cheeseboard is a great place to start as cheese is packed with calcium and helps prevent tooth decay. Other tooth-friendly choices include freshly shelled nuts and seasonal fruits and veggies.

Make the Most of Tooth Brushing

It takes at least two minutes to clean your teeth thoroughly, and it’s worth making the most of every second. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste and concentrate on brushing all tooth surfaces methodically. Don’t forget to brush your  tongue as this can harbour bacteria.

Stock up on Oral Care Supplies

If you are going away on holiday, stock up on oral care supplies before you go. Make sure you pack a toothbrush, dental floss and fluoride toothpaste, and maybe a small bottle of mouthwash. There is nothing more frustrating than finding you have forgotten your toothbrush and must shop for a replacement instead of enjoying yourself on holiday.