Has Your Child Tried Our Toothy ‘Find a Word’?

We have designed a Find a Word which contains ten hidden toothy terms. If your child hasn’t tried it yet, ask us for a copy at your next visit.

Word searches are just one way we engage with kids, and we find these tools can help them to learn about good oral care from a young age. Our dental practice is passionate about educating our younger patients, and we are always introducing new, interesting ways for them to learn. Although good dental care is important, kids are much more open to learning when it is entertaining too, and they are far more likely to remember the serious message in that activity.

Our team also works directly with kids and can show your child the best way to brush and floss their teeth, so they grow up using the best and most effective techniques from the beginning. We will explain why good dental care is so important and can help your child build good oral care routines that we hope will last for life. When children are educated in the proper way to look after their teeth, they are more likely to grow up viewing dental visits as just routine, and hopefully will see our practice as somewhere enjoyable to visit.