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Prevention is better than cure

At Smilexcellence, our expert Dentists ensure to promote a healthy oral lifestyle. This helps our patients prevent Dental health problems from occurring with timely diagnosis and comprehensive treatments. Conveniently located in East Market Street, Richmond, we are only a 2 minute walk away from Richmond Station. Not only convenience of location, Smilexcellence also provides convenience of services. Our highly qualified Dental experts offer the most advanced and pain-free treatments coupled with comprehensive consultations. Devising high quality Dental treatments, Smilexcellence Dentists tailor the procedures to your specific needs. Unlike others, we don’t focus on the money, but our services. We give time to each and everyone of our patients to make sure their oral health is always at the very best.

Dental Procedures

Sitting with you during a general consultation in Richmond, we try to effectively assess your Dental situation before proceeding to any Dental treatments. We believe that a thorough consultation leads to a proper diagnosis that often cuts down the costs that a patient has to incur on treatments not required. We offer several Dental treatments following a general consultation. From proper brushing techniques to a regular oral health checkup, our expert Dentists at Smilexcellence will take care of you and your family.

To maintain a healthy oral lifestyle, make sure you stick to the basics to minimise the risk of any advanced Dental Treatments or procedures in the future. These basics include:

Dental Care

smilexcellence dentist chairIf you don’t brush and floss your teeth routinely, it can lead to an accumulation of plaque that can turn into tartar. Once your teeth reach that point, brushing alone will no longer be able to help you as you will require professional scaling and cleaning services. This plaque can also lead to infections and could also potentially decay your teeth. This tartar, if not removed, can eat away the enamel causing tooth decay and gum disease. This can lead to procedures of tooth fillings, or in some cases, tooth extraction. It can also lead to gum infections like gingivitis & periodontitis which eventually leads to loosening of the teeth. To learn more about Gum Disease please click on the below:

To save yourself from all this fuss, pain, and expense, it is a recommendation that everyone should visit their Dentist at least twice a year for a full checkup and professional cleaning of teeth. Save yourself from discomfort and maintain that beautiful, bright smile with a regular general consultation at Smilexcellence.

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Come to Smilexcellence for a general consultation and be gladly welcomed by our professional and friendly staff. Are your kids afraid of the dentist? Don’t worry! Smilexcellence is experienced in Children’s Dentistry. Your kids’ teeth are very important and we hope they leave their appointment calling us the ‘Super Dentists’ as we make them feel at ease during their general consultation sessions.

Call us at (02) 4505 1223 or 0424 966 544 to book an appointment and experience Dentistry like never before.