GAP Free or $139 Check-up Special

If you belong to a Health Fund, please remember you are entitled to get a gap-free dental check-up and clean without incurring any out of pocket expenses. Smilexcellence provides on the spot patient claims through HICAPS. Don’t belong to a Health Fund? Don’t worry, as you can have a dental checkup and clean for just $139. This offer is available to new and existing patients.

Why are Dental Check-ups Important?

We thoroughly recommend regular check-ups as they are an essential part of any preventive dental care plan. We can closely examine your mouth during this visit, checking for any signs of dental disease and monitoring your oral health closely. It is the most cost-effective way to maintain good oral health, ensuring that if you do have any signs of dental disease, we can detect and treat problems more easily and quickly.

What Is Included with Your Check-up?

Your appointment includes:
• A comprehensive dental examination
• Professional scale and polish
• Fluoride treatment
• Two dental x-rays if needed
• Oral cancer screening

During your visit, we also discuss your dental and medical history to discover if anything has changed. The information could affect any treatment we recommend. In addition, we provide you with an oral health treatment plan, helping you maintain your best and healthiest smile. The visit is also your chance to ask any questions about your oral health.

We realise many people are extremely busy, so we offer extended Saturday hours, making it easier for you to visit us.