Fresh Ideas for Your Easter Egg Hunt

If you’re bored with traditional Easter egg hunts, when not try some of these fresh new ideas?

Willy Wonka Style Easter Egg Hunt

Make your very own version of a golden ticket and hide it in an egg. The lucky winner can trade it for their prize.

Nature-Inspired Scavenger Hunt

Encourage the kids to enjoy nature with a scavenger hunt focused on items they can find outdoors.

Get Technical with a QR Code Easter Egg Hunt

QR codes are easier to make than you’d think and are a great way to entertain older kids and teens who may imagine they’re too cool for Easter egg hunts. The Internet is full of online tutorials to make these codes.

Jigsaw Puzzle Hunt

Get a blank jigsaw puzzle and create your own Easter inspired design or message. Hide each piece in an egg and get the kids to piece the puzzle together to claim their prize.