How to Enrich the Value in our Lives

Everybody wants to live a long and happy life, but often it’s not so easy to achieve and nobody is perfect. However, when we learn from our mistakes and think about how we can better ourselves, it can enrich the value in our lives.

Many of us know older people who seem to have given up on life, but there are also those who relish every day on earth. Even people in their 90s are still as curious as they were during childhood. They love to travel, to try new foods and will frequently find themselves in new situations. These are the people we can learn from and who stay open to new life experiences, seeing ageing as an opportunity to become more social and more active.

Studies reinforce this view and researchers have found that people who still have a direction in life and a sense of purpose may even live longer. It’s estimated people with a positive attitude for could live up to 5 years longer compared to those with a more pessimistic outlook.

If you’d like to live longer then concentrate on embracing curiosity, positivity and joy. When you meet new people ask questions and be open to trying new experiences that push you beyond your comfort zone. Above all, don’t take yourself too seriously.