Enjoy Our Gluten-Free Christmas Crackle Tree

Indulge in our festive, low-sugar chocolate crackle tree recipe using an easy-to-make mould. This recipe is enough to make one tree approximately 20-30cm high but if you prefer, you can also make individual trees. The puffed grain can be replaced with chopped nuts or seeds, for example toasted almond flakes.


2 cups of puffed grain (millet, rice, quinoa or buckwheat work well)
100ml extra virgin melted coconut oil
¼ cup desiccated coconut (optional)
2-3tbsp cacao powder (add more for a more chocolatey flavour)
3tbsp maple or rice syrup


  1. Warm coconut oil and syrup over a low heat and mix in cacao powder. Combine with the coconut and puffed grain.
  2. Roll a thin piece of card into a cone and stick together. Line with baking paper and wrap the top of the cone with some foil to prevent the coconut oil from leaking.
  3. Carefully spoon mixture into the cone, regularly packing it down using the end of a dampened rolling pin. Once filled, place on its side in the freezer for 15 minutes or until set.
  4. Remove from freezer and remove card. Decorate with seasonal berries and fruit and serve or store in fridge until you are ready to eat it.