Do You Know What to Do If You Knock Out a Tooth?

Knocking out a tooth is understandably extremely upsetting, but if the tooth is intact, it might be possible to save it. Unfortunately, if the tooth is in pieces the chance of saving it are virtually nil.

Firstly, check to make sure the knocked-out tooth is an adult tooth and not a baby or milk tooth. Milk teeth shouldn’t be reinserted because they could damage the adult tooth underneath, but the child will still need to see a dentist here at SmileXcellence.

Next, pick up the tooth by the part you typically see in the mouth, trying to avoid touching the tooth root. Rinse off any visible dirt with water or milk but don’t scrub the tooth or dry it. If you feel able, you can try to reinsert the tooth in the empty socket, ensuring it faces the right way around! Gently hold the tooth in place with a clean finger or bite down on a clean tissue and come and see us immediately.

Otherwise, store the tooth in a little milk or cool boiled water, or inside your cheek. Make sure you come and see us straight away. It is essential to immediately act because there is only a small window of half an hour to an hour after the accident where we can try to re-implant the tooth successfully.