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Dentist Job Types

1)Dental – Check up and tooth pain

Saw you are the nice Dentist in Richmond, I have avoided doing anything about a sore tooth for a while now hoping it would go away as Dentist freak me out. ūüôĀ
Need a check up and also someone to look at this painful tooth – pretty sure I have lots of other work that needs doing that would love to discuss with you.

I tried to call but got message bank.
Sydney NSW

2)Would like to get a Root Canal in my front tooth
And also repair the small gap in between my two front teeth.

Hobartville 2753

3)I require an impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal, one tooth only. I have x rays.

RICHMOND, Sydney, NSW 2753

4)I am just enquiring about getting my bottom left Wisdom Tooth out.
It often causes me alot of pain and I am 100% sure it is growing sideways.
I would just like a price on the removal please.
Thank you
North Richmond, NSW 2754

5)I am wanting to book an appointment for a General Checkup. I haven’t seen a Dentist for 4 years.
Are you available tomorrow? Thursday.
Glossodia 2756

6)Hi, I just wanted to enquire about the payment plan if I were to go through removing 2-4 of my Wisdom Teeth. Upon my research, it will cost a fair amount. I just wanted to know my options.

Windsor 2756

7) Throbbing pain
I’m enquiring about costs for consultations and Root Canals. I have a tooth that just started to throb for a whole day and¬† worried it may be a deep cavity. I’ve had a filling on that tooth before and am thinking an infection has made its way in there again. How much would the cost be for a Root Canal Treatment and how quickly can I get in to see the Dentist?

Kind regards,
South Windsor 2756

Hi my teeth are straight can Lumineers be used to make them permanently white and add length? how much is consultation.
Castlereagh 2749

9)Hi, I was just wondering if the Inman Aligner can be purchased for just the top teeth, or if it comes as a set with the bottom aligner. Also, are you able to give me a rough estimate on price? Thanks! Winmalee 2777

10)hi do you do snap Dentures. Agnes Banks 2753

11)Need an extraction today ,In severe pain,tooth may be abscessed. Richmond, Sydney 2753

12)How much will it cost roughly to get 2 wisdom teeth removed? Box Hill 2765

13)Need a quote on front tooth half of it has broken away. Could you please contact me asap
And need to do a payment plan. Bowen Mountain 2753

14)I lost a filing today and need a new one today, after 4pm please. Clarendon 2756

15)Tooth ache for the past few days. Tennyson 2754

16)Wedding is in two weeks. I want my teeth white. Grose Vale 2753

17)I need to know tooth implant cost range. Kurrajong Hills 2758

18)Hi can I make a booking for Teeth Whitening? Kurrajong Heights 2758

19)I’d like to know how long does the Teeth Whitening Treatment last. I have previously used the trays with gel and found it didn’t last a very long time. Yarramundi 2753

20)Enquiring about getting my teeth whitened using zoom. Could I get prices? Bligh Park 2756

21)Hey just enquiring about a teeth whitening gift card i would like to get someone just wondering if you have some options. Winmalee 2777

22)Good morning, could you please give me a price to have my tooth extracted. Glossodia 2756

23)Just Looking at getting the zoom whitening and also a bit of Cosmetic Dentistry. Agnes Banks 2753

24)I have a tooth that needs to be looked at. I am in a lot of pain. I have never been to a dentist and I am very nervous/ embarrassed about the visit. I have further dental work I would like to have done and would like to discuss these while I’m there. Tennyson¬†2754

25)Please can I make an appointment to have my teeth checked ?
How much is deep cleaning for gum disease/ periodontitis  ?
Cost for dental implants ?
Cost for root canal treatment and crown ?
Do you do the sedation treatment at Richmond NSW 2753 and what do you charge for sedation ?

26)Hi, I have a front tooth that needs restoration as the last filling fell out this morning. I was wondering if you could fit me in this afternoon if possible? Kurrajong Hills 2758

27)I was hoping to find out how much it would cost to do a filling on a tooth? the filling fell out a couple of months ago and i have forgotten about it until it started giving me some grief this week. Being this close to christmas we are a bit strapped for cash but it is something that really does need to get done so any information on pricing you could give me would be great so i can work out how much we need to sell our limbs for ūüôā I do prefer email as i am not in a position to answer my phone at work.¬†Tennyson 2754

28)I have trauma-related gum recession between my two front teeth, which has created a visible black triangle between those teeth. Despite numerous case studies on the Internet about the successful treatment of these black triangles using bonding, my regular dentist believes that they are untreatable. Would any of your dentists be able to fill in this gap between my front teeth? Windsor 2756

29)I am 58 and have had a full top plate for several years. I would like to know the feasibility, time frame and approx. cost of replacing the denture with implants. I have HCF extra cover. Kurrajong Heights 2758

30)Just wondering how long the chair time is. Bligh Park 2756

31)Enquiringly as to the cost of two teeth whitening zoom services for both myself and my partner. First available appointments and also the cost of a clean beforehand. Clarendon 2753

32)Are there any available appointments 23rd/24th/25th Jan? Agnes Banks 2753

33)I’m enquiring about Dental Implants. Do you have payment plans as I’m not in a health fund and I need lots of Dental work.¬†Winmalee 2777

34)Interested in whitening and cosmetic dentistry, wanted information on cosmetic dentistry finance options and cost etc. Bowen Mountain 2753

35)I would like a consultation about Veneers. East Kurrajong 2758

36)Cosmetic treatment. Kurrajong Hills 2758

37) I would like to enquirer about the cost for carrying out Root Canal treatment. Kurrajong Hills 2758

38)Do you wish you could increase your online leads? We have helped a lot of businesses thrive in this market and we can help you! Simply hit reply and I’ll share with you the cost and the benefits. Kurrajong 2758

39)I wanted to see if there were any appointments , or availabilties for teeth whitening and aswell as a clean and flush by any chance and the cost for it. Yarramundi 2753

40)My daughter Zanya has crooked teeth. Londonderry 2753

41)how much is a check up and clean if u are not in a health fund. Agnes Bank 2753

42)my wisdom tooth has chipped and I would like it removed, I was wondering if my CBHS Health fund would cover the cost or what price range I would be looking at? Kurrajong Hills 2758

43)I’ll be up front – my dental care has always been crap, especially as a kid (dragged to the dentist every school holidays and the old lead amalgam fillings, drilled without a needle too !!), so you can understand that at 58 I am still terrified of you guys. I have several broken teeth that need pulling, and the pain is now beyond a joke¬† (only so much drugs can do I guess), so I have to “bite the bullet” – yeah, I’ll probably need a top plate eventually…¬† There are currently 4 giving me hell – best to do them all at once or over a couple of sessions ?¬† What sort of $$$ will I be up for ?¬†South Windsor 2756

44)Short term, I’d like a basic clean and check up. Longer term, I still have two baby teeth and would like to have a plan for removing and replacing these.¬†Bligh Park 2756

45)Just wondering if you have any specials for Diabetics needing dentures? Castlereagh 2749

46)A font tooth broke this weekend.  Have had problems for a couple of months and dentist said root is too narrow to out a post in for a cap. Glossodia 2756

47)I’m interested in getting my teeth whitened and was wondering if you could give me more information on the procedure?¬†Hobartville 2753

48)I am interested in possibly getting composite veneers. I was just wondering if you could give me some more information, and also the price? Richmond 2753

49)Just enquiring about cosmetic dentistry. Can I make an appointment to discuss please. North Richmond 2754

50)I’m needing a tooth pulled out. How much do you charge for that.¬†South Windsor 2756

51)I would like to know the cost of extracting 4 wisdom teeth for my 17 year son. Winmalee 2777

52)im looking at getting braces. Just want to see if i could make an appointment asap and how much would the appointment cost? Agnes Banks 2753

53)Can i please get appointment for late afternoon on Wednesdays 7 June? Londonderry 2753

54)Just wondering do you do amalgam fillings? Bligh Park 2756

55)Broken left rear tooth. Yarramundi 2753

56)I’m enquiring about my daughter, who doesn’t know. She is 25. My daughter had braces for many years. Her teeth are now badly stained with yellow and white marks. Can anything be done to remove these stains? Kurrajong 2758

57)What is your consult fee? And what is minimum Inman treatment cost? And can it treat more than just front four teeth? East Kurrajong 2758

58)Just wondering on how much a check up and clean would be ūüôā¬†Kurrajong Heights 2758

59)just inquiring about dentures for my mother. She has been quoted $400 from another dentist to resize her dentures after her teeth have been removed for a few months because the gum will strink. How much would it cost for the same? Kurrajong Hills 2758

60)I’m wanting to get a consultation you said they are free. I’ve had my right from tooth fall out and some left in the gum. It’s had root canal done before it’s been a problem since I broke when I was a child. I’m looking to permanently replace the tooth if possible as I do acting work. You can call me after¬†3:30pm.¬†Grose Wold 2753

61)Just enquiring how much to have all 4 wisdom teeth out? Grose Vale 2753

62)My name is Chloe and I was just enquiring about the teeth whitening. Is it one complete session or do you have to have multiple sessions? Also, how does the payments work? Tennyson 2754

63)Interested in teeth whitening and braces. Clarendon 2756

64)i would like to book a appointment for a clean and some sharp edges filled. Box Hill 2756

65)I think I have an abscessed wisdom tooth. There is no pain, but the slight swelling and some pus. I’m just concerned as I am getting married next week, and I didn’t know if upon having my tooth looked at there would be the possibility of having antibiotics to treat the infection just before the wedding then booking myself in for treatment after the wedding?¬†Bowen Mountain 2753

66)How much does the removal of 4 wisdom teeth cost. Richmond 2753

67)I just wanted to enquire about avaliability for a teeth whiting appointment on a Saturday. Hobartville 2753

68)I was wondering how much it would cost to get a front tooth implant and I think I need one on the side up top too?
How long is the procedure and would I need time off work? North Richmond 2754

69)Enquiring about crowns with a check up and clean. Glossodia 2756

70)Hey just enquiry about the cost of dental implants Per tooth. Windsor 2756

71)i am 25 years old i have been advised by my dentist i need all 4 of my wisdom teeth out but with my anxiety will need to be sedated. I am after a quote as they are causing great discomfort. South Windsor 2756

72)I have a hole in my tooth. Castlereagh 2749

73)pain in 2 teeth. Winmalee 2777

74)I have a broken tooth that needs removal.  A cost estimate would be greatly appreciated. Agnes Bank 2753

75)How much does it cost to get a chipped tooth fixed? Londonderry 2753

76)Can I make an appointment for Saturday for Porcelien veneers x6. Bligh Park 2756

77)I am needing a couple of teeth crowned. Can you give me a quote. Yarramundi 2753

78)I  am a 29 year old woman  that has been on the public dental waiting list for 3  years. I was in a domestic violence relationship for a 10 year period and during that  period I was not allowed access to a dentist. Consequently I have some very bad tooth problems. Recently one of my front teeth has snapped and I am presently using superglue to attempt to keep it in  place. I am currently unemployed and cannot afford health insurance.  I am wondering if there is any possibility of working out a payment plan in order to at least have my front tooth fixed. Kurrajong 2758

79)how much would it coast to have studs put into my jore have teeth put on them please. Kurrajong 2758

80)I currently have toothache I am also a very nervous patient so would require some sedation. please call me if you can fit me in ASAP. The perfect dental visit for me would be unconscious and get all work done.

81)I am hoping you will be able to give me a rough ballpark cost for a root canal. Its the lower very back molar (so I’m presuming 4 roots?).

82)I would like a quote on removal of a wisdom tooth please. I had the right side removed about three years ago and now the left side has decided to appear.

83)Need a better smile.

84)Could you please give me a quote for my 17 year old nephew, who needs (I’ve been told) an extraction for 4 wisdom teeth?

85)Need my teeth fixed up so I can feel confident again.

86)I was wondering if you take HCF and what is the waiting time on appointments?

87)How much is it to remove wisdom tooth.

88)Just wish to know the price for root canal treatment, for a single or two.

89)¬†my 17 year grandson has dreadful teeth lower jaw very squashed in and crooked , upper jaw seems to have t rows teeth i.e. the eye tooth is sitting on a row about his other teeth.¬† What would be the estimated cost to have braces if needed and have the style of braches (metal) changed at all.¬† I’m looking at a price and payment plan where I can direct debit to the Dental account.

90) I have a full top denture and am thinking about implants , just looking at the cost and payment plans . I have been quoted 21,000 from mt druitt medical and dental centre. I am a healthy 39 yr old.

91) Hi I was just wondering if you do braces/Invisalign ?

92) Having tooth pain, lower front teeth unstable

93) I am just inquiring how much a tooth extraction is for a back left molar.

94)¬†I’ve sent a few messages now and haven’t heard back I’m interested in the porcelain veneers special and wanted to know if you do denticare plan with them please ?

95) Hi there just wanna much do you charge for a filling please , I’m tooth aching so bad and I’m looking to get it fixed asap so the pain stop. Please contact on my number please thanks.

96) Just inquiring about getting veneers. Do you offer payment plans.

97)  do you offer fast braces? If so when is the next available appointment

98) My top wisdom teeth are both exposed and are rotten and causing me extreme pain. I cant eat or sleep its terrible.
I am not on centerlink and currently only have accsess to a very small amount of funds  wondering how much it will cost me to have them removed

99) I’m after getting a check up and a whitening done. How much would it be. I also have a private health fund with Medibank

100) wisdom tooth removal? abit infected