Dental Crowns and Bridges

Our beautiful dental crowns and bridges can restore or replace missing teeth. These restorations are permanently cemented in position and are strong and durable.

What Is a Crown?

A crown caps or covers the entire tooth, right down to the gum line, so none of the natural tooth underneath is exposed. The crown protects the tooth, sealing it completely so it cannot become infected or decayed. In addition, it restores the tooth to its original size and shape and restores its strength.

We will suggest a crown if you have a severely decayed tooth that has lost much of its original structure. Crowns are also used to protect teeth after root canal therapy and can cover dental implants.

What Is a Bridge?

A bridge is used to restore one or more missing teeth that were originally adjacent to each other. The replacement tooth is supported by crowns fitted over the adjacent teeth or dental implants, forming a restoration that looks and feels strong and natural.
We will suggest a bridge if the adjacent teeth, called abutment teeth have enough strength to support the structure. If these teeth are missing entirely, we can use dental implants to support the bridge instead.

What Is the Process for Having a Dental Crown or Bridge?

The process for a crown is very straightforward. First, our dentist will numb the tooth before carefully preparing it, reshaping it and removing any portions damaged by infection or decay. Once the tooth is ready, we take a dental impression. The impression is used to custom make the crown in strong, durable porcelain that closely matches your natural teeth. Once the crown is ready, we can bond it permanently in place.
The process for a dental bridge is very similar, as we need to prepare the adjacent teeth by removing some tooth structure to make room for the dental crowns. Once the teeth are prepared, we take an impression that is used to custom make your bridge, designing it carefully, so the replacement teeth look just like real teeth. Once the bridge is ready, we check the fit is perfect before bonding it permanently in place.

Same-Day Crowns and Bridges

Smilexcellence has the latest CADCAM technology to create beautiful crowns and bridges on the same day. Often, we can use this technology to precision make and fit your restorations during the same visit, so there is no need to wear temporary teeth or book a follow-up appointment.