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Did You Realise Sensitive Teeth Can Be Treated?

Is a hot coffee or an indulgent ice cream more of a pain than a pleasure? Do your teeth twinge when you brush or floss? You may have tooth sensitivity. Possible causes of tooth sensitivity include dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease or worn and crumbling fillings. Problems can also be caused by…

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How Winter Weather Affects Your Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is a common problem, but did you know winter weather can make it worse? Sometimes even breathing in the colder air can be painful. This is because your teeth contract when exposed to cold and which can eventually cause microfractures in your teeth, creating the same sensations you feel when eating ice cream….

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Why Doesn’t Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth generally make their appearance during the late teens and early 20s, but not everybody has these teeth. It’s estimated that approximately a third of people are born without wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth are your third molars situated right at the back of the mouth. There are usually four wisdom teeth, one in…

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Why We Love Our Mums – Why is Dental Care for Mum and Bub so Important?

Did you realise that during pregnancy your oral health can suffer? It is critical to look after your dental health and your baby’s dental health right from the start. Most importantly, make sure you come and see us during your pregnancy. While you are pregnant, it is perfectly safe to receive routine dental treatment. Please…

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Brush Baby!

Babies begin to get their first teeth from six months onward and by age 3 should have a full set of 20 milk teeth. There is a common misconception that these milk teeth don’t matter, but they are critical for your child’s development. Milk or primary teeth allow your child to learn to chew and…

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Keeping Your Smile Sweet This Easter

With Easter just about upon us, the supermarkets are crammed with loads of chocolate goodies, and if you have a sweet tooth, you are probably in a bit of trouble at this time of year. While it’s nearly impossible to avoid sugary treats over Easter, moderation is an excellent starting point. Plan Ahead When Doing…

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Fresh Ideas for Your Easter Egg Hunt

If you’re bored with traditional Easter egg hunts, when not try some of these fresh new ideas? Willy Wonka Style Easter Egg Hunt Make your very own version of a golden ticket and hide it in an egg. The lucky winner can trade it for their prize. Nature-Inspired Scavenger Hunt Encourage the kids to enjoy…

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Ensuring Your Child’s Lunchtime Snacks are Tooth-Friendly

Children need a nutritious lunchtime meal to ensure they have the energy to concentrate and learn and to enjoy their school day. Equally importantly, you want to ensure these snacks won’t harm their dental health. Choosing the right types of foods can make all the difference to their dental and overall health, and tooth-friendly snacks…

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