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New Year, New You- Our Top Dental Tips to Start the New Year off

It’s the perfect time of year to reflect and make new resolutions, so why not resolve to improve your oral care at home? There are lots of ways you can improve your smile and make the very most of the summer. Brush More Frequently You should brush your teeth a minimum of twice a day…

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How to Snack Smarter

There are times when everybody needs a snack between meals, but making smarter choices will protect your health. Chew Food Thoroughly Make sure you enjoy your food and chew it thoroughly. A study found that people who chewed almonds more thoroughly felt full for longer, and almonds are great for teeth. Combine Protein and Carbohydrates…

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How to Protect Your Holiday Smile

We love seeing all our patients, but we are sure you don’t want a dental emergency during the holidays so read our helpful hints on protecting your teeth this Christmas. Don’t Use Your Teeth as Nutcrackers Freshly shelled nuts are a healthy snack, but your teeth aren’t designed to crack hard nutshells. These can easily…

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Summer! Celebrate the Season by Brightening Your Smile

The warmer months are a time when many people plan significant celebrations such as graduations, weddings, or holidays that they have been looking forward to for months. Whatever occasion you are looking forward to this summer, you want to be sure your smile looks its best. A teeth whitening procedure is the easiest and most…

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What Saliva Can Say About Your Dental Health

Each day your body produces approximately 1.5 litres of saliva, and it’s an important fluid that helps to disinfect your mouth naturally. Saliva prevents tooth decay, helps you to maintain healthy gums and washes away excess food particles. It contains vital substances that fight cavities and other infections. Your saliva also provides vital information about…

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How Could Neuromuscular Dentistry Help TMJ Problems?

Ideally, your jaw is in its most relaxed position when at rest, but if your bite isn’t correctly aligned, it can cause problems with your jaw muscles and jaw joints, creating a painful condition called TMJ. Common signs of TMJ include clenching and grinding your teeth (bruxism), jaw pain, chronic headaches, and neck, shoulder and…

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Learn the Secrets of Having a Healthier Smile

Having a beautiful, healthy smile could be simpler than you think by following our easy tips. See Your Dentist Frequently Most people need to see their dentist at least twice yearly, but some will benefit from more frequent visits. It’s a preventative approach that can save your teeth, not to mention a lot of money…

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Sticky Sweets and Your Braces This Halloween

It is Halloween, and you almost certainly want to sink your teeth into one or two sweet treats, but if you wear braces you need to be cautious. We don’t recommend sugary foods as they provide fuel for bacteria in your mouth, helping them to produce acid that can cause tooth decay. When you wear…

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Why It is Better to Eat Your Halloween Treats All at Once

Are you one of those people who typically hordes their Halloween treats for months on end? Here is some surprising news, as it can be better for your dental health to eat all your sweets at once! Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean eating lots of sweets is good for you, but it is better for your…

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