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Crispy Baked Coconut Chicken

This tasty recipe is quick and easy to make and will appeal even to the fussiest of eaters. Ingredients 1 cup Panko breadcrumbs 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts cut into tenders 1 cup flaked coconut, chopped to the same size as Panko breadcrumbs 2 eggs ½ cup flour 11/2tsp garlic powder 3/4tsp curry powder 3/4tsp…

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What Happens When Your Gut Health is Out of Balance?

Did you know that when your gut microbiome is out of balance, it can affect your overall health? Here are a few signs that things are out of kilter. You are ill all the time, because your gut microbiome is your body’s defence against pathogens, producing antimicrobial compounds that help to fight disease. A low…

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an artificial way of replacing an entire tooth, including the tooth root and consist of a small titanium post surgically implanted into the jawbone. The titanium post is biocompatible and soon bonds and integrates with the jawbone, creating a strong and stable anchorage point that can support a dental crown. Multiple dental…

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Letting Go of Anxiety

The numbers of people experiencing anxiety are increasing, and it’s estimated 18% of adults in Australia experience some form of anxiety, while in the United States a third of adults take some type of medication to deal with this problem. Feeling anxious is nothing new, but we are lucky enough to live in a time…

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Slow Cooked Lemon Chicken

This low-calorie recipe is quick to prepare and will smell wonderful while it cooks! Ingredients 6 bone-in, skinless chicken breast halves 1tsp chicken bouillon granules 1tsp dried oregano 1/4tsp pepper ½ tsp seasoned salt 2tbsp butter 3tbsp lemon juice ¼ cup water 2tsp chopped fresh parsley 2 crushed garlic cloves Instructions Dry chicken with paper…

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment saves a severely infected, painful or damaged tooth and without it, we’d have no other choice but to remove the tooth. Afterwards, a tooth that has received root canal therapy will feel comfortable and can be fully restored, so it’s an excellent treatment for preserving a tooth. During treatment, the diseased and…

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Food and Drinks That Make Dentists Wary

Did you know that in Aug it is National Dental Health Week? Whilst good oral hygiene is essential, so are your food and drink choices. You might be surprised at which foods can harm your teeth. Diet Soft Drinks Diet soft drinks may seem a safe choice, but the sugar is replaced with acids. These…

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Ways to Turn Up Your Happy Dial

Would you love to feel happier? While some factors are out of your control, there is quite a lot you can do to turn up your happy dial. Happiness is related to the frequency of positive emotions rather than their intensity and listed below are a few ways to feel happier. Put Yourself First Putting…

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Chicken Noodle Soup

What could be more comforting than chicken noodle soup? This recipe contains ginger, which is especially good if you have a cold. Ingredients 175g skinless chicken breast 1tsp fresh chopped ginger 50g wheat or rice noodles 2-3 thinly sliced mushrooms 2tsp soy sauce, plus more for serving 900ml chicken or vegetable stock 1 finely chopped…

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How to Enrich the Value in our Lives

Everybody wants to live a long and happy life, but often it’s not so easy to achieve and nobody is perfect. However, when we learn from our mistakes and think about how we can better ourselves, it can enrich the value in our lives. Many of us know older people who seem to have given…

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