5 Benefits of Coffee

If you love a cup of coffee, there is some good news because drinking coffee can provide numerous benefits. We’ve listed just five that will have you reaching for your coffee mug.

  1. Coffee is full of antioxidants which are important for fighting free radicals, contributing to overall health.
  2. Drinking coffee might protect against serious diseases including Type II diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and stroke.
  3. Drinking moderate amounts of coffee is thought to be beneficial for people with, or who are at risk of developing neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease.
  4. The very act of making a decent coffee can be meditative, and the smell of freshly ground coffee is enough to lift anyone’s spirits.
  5. When you need a boost to help wake you up, reach for a cup of coffee because it increases adrenaline and gets you ready to go, whether that’s to work or to give an extra boost for your workout.